The only Kickstarter news I'm arsed about...
  • Yeah, your protection is your own judgement with Kickstarter.

    Unlike IndieGoGo where there's a "flexible funding" option which means you get whatever goes in the pot regardless of meeting the goals, nothing gets paid until funding is reached and once the deadline is met, there's no more funding through Kickstarter for that listing.

    The upshot is, it's better to see the Kickstarter funding as donating towards the idea than it is as an investment. Because investors tend to get a stake in things, as a Kickstarterererer, you don't. You're paying for an idea, not a product.

    Since Double Fine there's a sort of "using it as a pre-order" thing and that seems a bit of a madness to me. Both awkward for what Kickstarter is and awkward for the setting up the bomb of "when they don't deliver". Which is why I liked what the iOS guys with the ace trailer did and refused to put a copy of the game in the rewards. Mighty sensible choice because it maintains that division between "funding an idea" and "sales". It protects them further and protects the donator too.
  • pre-orders outside of the distribution platform look awfully like chart manipulation and are frowned upon even on those platforms they are allowed.
  • I've actually just contributed to my first kickstarter campaign a few minutes ago (this one: as of the time of this writing it's in its last12 hours now). It includes the game with any funding over $10.

    I contributed here because it's a fellow Canadian solo indie (though he's using funds here to hire a dedicated artist for this project) with a good track record. Pretty sure he'll pull it off.
  • I know it's not a barometer on whether you should donate or not but Colin's lovely. I may not like Elite but I'm still chuffed he's got to see this one through comfortably and make something he really wants to make.

    Internet does so good at times :D
  • RobF said:

    ...Colin's lovely.
    Internet does so good at times :D

    Agreed. It's not ALL dicks and cunts.

  • bignobody said:

    RobF said:

    ...Colin's lovely.
    Internet does so good at times :D

    Agreed. It's not ALL dicks and cunts.

    If thats the case then my 30,000 bookmarks are all lies

  • Did you try then Sparkes. Uk based kickstarter fund
  • Well not being billed unless the target is reached is fine, thats a first step level of protection. But once my money is taken i expect to take delivery of whatever i've backed. Every kickstarter that i have looked at promises a product for your pledge. I've not seen a kickstarter that shows something unattainable or stupid, like an anti gravity transporter etc.

    My fear is investing and not receiving anything due to poor use of the cash and thats why i would never back one of these things. I guess its a leap of faith for many, maybe my lack of faith is why i would never back one of these, i dunno. I'm happy to chuck in a few quid to devs of "stuff" but so far i've only ever done this based on something i'm already using or is already well into development. I just chucked a few quid at the Soulseek devs cos i love that tool for grabbing music and i want to see it prosper and progress.

    I guess time will tell on a lot of these kickstarters. I guess its all new and in a year or so we'll see if theres lots of angry people about...
  • zerohour said:

    Did you try then Sparkes. Uk based kickstarter fund

    Games category sorted by funding raised

    None of the current games has more than 1% funding :(

    I can't remember exactly which ones I looked at but none of the ones I could have used had anything like the games related traffic. You need to rely on a certain amount of donators to other projects like your finding yours and also donating you can't drive all the traffic yourself. The smaller games on Kickstarter at the same time as double fine, carmadedon and wasteland probably did alright out of the publicity the big boys got.
  • Carmageddon has reached it's stretch target so there will be Linux and Mac ports for those so inclined. I'm looking forward to seeing the new game - but also seeing the original appear on IOS very soon. Yum.

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