• I just watched the trailer on gametrailers too, i think its worth another playthrough when the price drops on the ps3 version.
  • PC for me, I'm hoping it'll go up to 1920x1080 now rather than the res being gipped.
  • I've got it on pc and the Special Edition on the original XBox. Will I splash my cash on this when the price is right? Damned straight!
  • I'll definitely pick this up... once it's discounted. I'm rather cynically expecting this'll go for a full $60, so if it does, I can wait.

  • I still don't mind Doom 3 (Especially with the Dark Mod using it!) so an enchanced edition would be great.
  • I really liked some elements of Doom 3, especially the Soul Cube and the cooperative fighting with the sentry bots.

    What I really hated about it was that it felt like they'd finished and polished the game, then gone "shit, we need to make it longer!" and added loads of pointless backtracking with wall panels popping off behind you to reveal imps. I'd love the original version with the padding cut instead of a version with extra levels.
  • Yup, there's a good few hours that can be stripped out of it for the better easy. Can't argue with that.
  • No one's modded it to cut out the needless backtracking?

  • Tried it on a underpowered PC a long time ago. Will be interesting to try it out on my xbox.

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