Snapshots Of Existence: The RR thread of photos. Mundane welcome.
  • Thanks. I took quite a few shots of it, but I liked this one best. Good composition.
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    Saturday. Two good things.
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    Went the seaside again. This isn't the sea. It's at the side.
  • RobF said:

    This isn't the sea. It's at the side.

    So it's the side of the sea beside the seaside beside the sea?

  • Yes. And I do like to be there too.
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    Continuing the 2012 Rob's How Many Beaches Can I Get To On The Bus Tour (now including bonus train journey)
  • A replacement train service when the bus breaks down. There's a new thing.

    In other news, got stuck in the emergency fire escape of Victoria Centre last week. One way door. No other doors opened. Apart from the one on the roof. Luckily some people were building a sniper nest or something, so they let me use their way out.

  • Taking my daughter to prom.

    prom arrival.jpg 285K
  • I hope suitable threats where made to all boys present.

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