Thomas Was Alone & Smash the Block at GameCityNights
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    This month's GameCityNights (on Thursday 26th) features the combined talents of Mike Bithell, creator of Thomas Was Alone, and Andrew Smith, creator of Smash the Block, sharing their brilliance with the audience, as well as a host of other thoroughly brilliant things

    All of the details are here in full -

    We've got plenty of open (and free) exhibition slots left. Give me a prod if you'd like to exhibit your work, we'd love to have you along (and you get free entry). Email chris(at)gamecity(dot)org for details
  • Torn at the mo! I can only do one but I'm definitely doing one, is there still space at the Livingstone?
  • There is indeed space at the Livingstone event. I'll put you on the gest list for both if you want. You know you want to come to both....

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