EXCLUSIVE! Steam Console
  • Well, if The Verge can cobble together rumours and claim it as an exclusive, I can claim a link to Rock Paper Shotgun posting about something on The Verge as an exclusive too, right?

    Anyway, looks like a custom build PC of some sort from the description. Is it real or is it Half Life 3?


  • How is that not just a Steam branded PC?
  • A bit unrelated, but, in the new format of RR (OVG) .... would you have considered this as a "front page" news item ? Or would it still be confined to the forums ?
  • Forums, totally
  • Also 10/10 to whoever in the comments sections came up with "Gabecube".

    That's brill.
  • I could see something like this working. A standardised, mass-produced PC tweaked for usage with the telly (good controller support, Steam's 'Big Picture' mode, games having a 'Steambox' setting with defaults that give the graphics settings tailored to those specs.) Somewhere in between a console and a PC.

    Essentially an entry-level hardcore gaming PC, ideally at a lower price than building your own (bulk manufacturing discounts?). I still have a shitty Radeon HD 3650 in my PC, despite being the exact sort of person who should be buying cutting edge PC tech regularly (a nerd). Every few months I get fed up with running everything on low and consider upgrading the GFX, I do a bit of research, but essentially get stuck. Will it be compatible with my other parts? Will it then just be bottlenecked by my CPU? Will it even fit inside my case? Do I need to buy a bigger PSU? How big? WHAT DO ALL THESE NUMBERS MEAN? Is a 7850 better than a 6950? What is hyperthreading?

    Eventually I get fed up and go back to surfing the internet. A Steam PC would take out all that hassle of upgrading/building your own/knowing it'll be good enough for what you need.

    Obviously the issues with it will be pricing (rumoured i7 with 8gb RAM is unlikely to come cheap), ensuring developers get on board with tailoring PC games towards those exact specs (though if anybody is influential enough in PC gaming to have that happen, it's Valve), and also obviously it being real, which it almost definitely isn't. :(
  • Yeah, if it's real, it's a fantastic idea. Obviously there's already mass market PC's but they're invariably either silly high end or complete underperformers with custom builds picking up the slack for inbetween and above. No-one attempting this before has ever quite cottoned on to the fact that they're talking bollocks with PC parts. "It runs all the games" on the other hand... that's a sell.

    If they can do this whilst managing to paper over the jargon and numbers, bung in a windows to keep it open, fuck me, *I'd* be down for it on the proviso that the parts weren't gipped and were upgradeable if I need them to be.

    Actually, I'd probably consider it as a complement to devbox2:devharder if the specs are good enough anyway.


    Half Life 3 is a computer! Who'd have seen that one coming?

  • Well, it would be silly high end, it just needs to avoid the silly high-end prices. And avoid the silly high-end jargon. At £500 or so I could absolutely see myself buying one to plug into the TV. £800+ (which is more likely) and I can't see a huge market. And selling at loss like consoles wouldn't really work due to it being less restricted, so they won't make tonnes off software sales. :(

    When is GDC? And are Valve actually even doing a talk?
  • This week although I'd be very surprised if they announced anything there.

    Stranger things have happened though and the past couple of GDC's has seen it drift away from not-really-consumer-facing to any excuse for an announcement from some firms.
  • If it includes an i7, would that be a fully unlocked/non-gimped i7, or the "I have to pay the idiots at Best Buy an extra $50 to unlock what I paid for to begin with???" i7? Actually, would all of the parts be non-gimped? Would I be able to run other software (non-Steam games, Microsoft Office, etc?) or would it be a closed system? What will the OS of it be? How hackable will it be, and what would get a Steam account suspended hackwise? Will it look more like a PC, or have a consolelike form factor? What peripherals will it support? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS... I *love* the sound of a Steam console, and if it's affordable and didn't need to be upgraded every 6 to 18 months I'd probably have joygams while buying one. *mutters to self* Please no paid tiers of service like the 360....

  • Half Life 3 = GLADoS ;)

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