How to write a C64 game in several steps
  • Step #36

    I called this one "Satisfaction Refinement". Enemies when shot are hit back for a few steps, it's a shotgun, dammit!
    On their final blow enemies now burst in smoke.

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  • Step #37

    The player is simply vanishing when getting killed. Kinda looks odd, doesn't it? We add a nice new animation and then send the player back in.

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  • Step #38

    Now's one huge step that took me a week to implement: A second player. Can't have Supernatural with only Dean, now there's Sam as well.

    In the title screen, press up to toggle game modes (single Dean, single Sam, coop). Note that Sam does not use a shot gun, he uses his dark powers.

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  • Step #39

    And a rather small step, but with huge impact: Music.
    For now we're using a demo song from GoatTracker.

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  • Let me know when you're ready for music for your game (And how many tunes you want), then I shall work on some in Goat Tracker for you (Unless someone else has stepped in beforehand) :)
  • Hi Richard,
    There is no real fully fledged design plan; I'm basically designing along. This makes it somewhat difficult to request things that might change.
    However what is pretty sure to be required is a title loop, an in game loop and a boss fight ditty. Beyond that my plan doesn't have many more details.
    Don't get me wrong. I'm quite glad that you want to provide music, I just don't want to make you do extra work which might get designed away.
    I hope that's not too confusing ;)
  • Ah, okay. No problem. :)
  • Step #40

    And onwards we go. This time we add spawn spots. These are a different kind of object which spawn a number of one specific enemy type. The level is clear once all enemies are killed and the spawn spots are empty.


    In case you wonder about the .C64 file inside there: It's a project file for C64Studio, an .NET based IDE I've written for development and debugging alongside with mostly WinVICE.
    step40.png 5K 43K
  • Step #41

    Now the step you've all been waiting for: Smilas spritery inserted. What a difference this makes. To celebrate there's also a slew of new enemies:

    Jumping toad
    Ghost skeleton

    Have fun!

    step41.png 6K 93K
  • Smila delivered a slew of new monster sprites, so here's more:

    New enemy floating ghost
    New enemy fly

    step42.png 5K 95K

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